Business Integrated Solutions (BIS)
was established with the mission to support businesses, especially SMEs and Trade Support Institutions (TSIs), to evolve in the context of today’s continuously changing demand in the global marketplace.

We help businesses to

  • Build solutions which help leaders and their companies realize their ambitions to transform
  • Bring innovation-driven, integrated, transformational impact Accelerate the current business line performance and identify new opportunities for growth
  • Develop comprehensive and insightful growth strategies and entrepreneurial eco-systems.
  • Building global bridges
  • Building /creating Business Enabling Environment (BEE)

Our vision is to see BIS as an entrepreneurial, innovative, and integrated business enabling hub.


  • Innovation: entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and openness to change
  • Impact (results-driven)
  • Transparency

Green practices, gender equity, youth and poverty reduction are core to our intervention.