Our experts have accumulated experience of over 20 years as strategists and business development specialists, with key expertise in accumulative and integrated marketing. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the Palestinian private sector’s needs, particularly in areas related to developing export policies, with focus on integrated export strategies and approaches. They have led numerous entrepreneurial initiatives such as the formulation of the first National Export Strategy, branding, and introducing the green economy in Palestine. They have extensive experience in public-private sector dialogue (PPD), entrepreneurial ecosystems, and SMEs’ internationalization and promotion.

Our experts enjoy a wide network of contacts in the government, private sector and associations, international development representatives in Palestine and abroad, and the Palestinian Diaspora.

Our experts are experienced in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem within organizations and in providing specialized designs and innovative solutions for the integration and harmonization of an organization’s four Ss (strategy, structure, systems and staff).

BIS is highly qualified in accumulative marketing which is especially needed by small enterprises whose marketing skills are very limited and which need specialized approaches that take into consideration their capacity to connect directly with regional and international markets and even in their own local market.

Hanan Taha/ Rayyan

Managing Partner

A Palestinian / Austrian citizen with over 25 years of experience, as an expert with in-depth knowledge of the Palestinian Private Sector needs, particularly in areas related to export growth, development and promotion.  Strong performance track record in a high-paced environment.  Keen analysis and insights with team development capabilities to drive organizational growth and implementation of best practices. Proven track record in leveraging funding and signing on multi-million-dollar projects.  Outstanding interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (human resources, legal, financial, operational) issues, motivating staff to peak performance. Excellent political connections and exceptional achievements as an initiator of public-private partnerships, specifically in relation to private sector exporters.

In particular, she has actively participated in formulating the sector’s strategy of economic development with the Ministry of National Economy, private sector institutions, and the Prime minister’s office staff as part of the Palestinian National Agenda 2017-2022.

In addition to this, in her function as CEO of PalTrade she participated and led the EU Consultation sessions with Palestinian Private Sector preparing for developing their Joint Strategy for Palestine. Moreover, she served as head of delegation on multiple scoping missions in B2B and B2G meetings, and scoping missions in coordination with key government officials and other private sector representatives in the Middle East, Europe and Asia , in order to promote the Palestinian private sector opportunities (export and investment) and create a positive image of Palestinian business environment. Furthermore, she was lead person for the implementation of Third National Dialogue Conference between private and public sector. The conference took place with the aim to strengthen the Partnership and dialogue between private and public sectors and to create better enabling business environment.

Ms. Taha has a wide network of contacts in government, private sector enterprises, and private sector associations, international development representatives in Palestine and Abroad, Palestinian Representatives in Diaspora.

Ms. Taha has active participation in formulating economic policies as member of the Private sector technical committee to implement the Public – Private sector joint agenda, presented Palestinian Business Environment in Dutch Palestinian Cooperation Forum, Hague – in 2013 and 2015; and she participated in the Palestinian - Turkey and Palestinian - Jordanian joint economic committee’s negotiation on behalf of the private sector.

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Shawqi Makhtoub

Managing Partner

Highly experienced trade policy expert, strategist and business development specialist with key expertise in accumulative and integrated marketing. Over 15 years of experience in developing trade and economic policies especially integrated export strategies and approaches, sustainable local economic development, trade facilitation, trade in services, digital economy and green economy. Leading many entrepreneurial initiatives in Palestine, especially in; the introduction of the first National Export Strategy for Palestine, the Sustainable Local Economic Development Strategy in the Gaza Strip, formulating a branding strategy for Palestinian exports, designing and launching the brand as a distinctive quality mark for Palestinian exports, and in developing a public private partnership model towards a business enabling environment in Palestine. Participated effectively in the formulation and drafting of many laws and trade agreements like the companies’ law, the industry law, e-commerce law and the IAA with the EU etc.

Managed entrepreneurial projects like “Creating an Enabling Environment for Green Exports in Palestine”, “The role of Youth and Academia in Developing a Knowledge Based Economy”, “formulation of the first National Export Strategy for Palestine”, developing the first Non-Tarrif Measurement (NTM) Report for Palestine, and developing strategies for Trade in Services especially for ICT, Tourism, Finance and Business Related Services.

Leading the formulation of many strategies and business plans for many national and international agencies and companies in different economic sectors. Conducted many training sessions in strategic planning, marketing strategies for SMEs and the need for digital marketing, entrepreneurial skills, and the use of environment as marketing tool.

Co-author of many publications including, The Economic Development of the Jordan Valley, The Union for the Mediterranean: The Barcelona Process and the Two State Solution, The Arab Peace Initiative and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace: The Political Economy of a New Period, and The Economic Dimensions of a Two-State Agreement. Developed expertise in building entrepreneurial institutions, SMEs internationalization and promotion. In addition to being a speaker in many conferences.

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