Building Global Business Bridges start

For companies seeking to expand in regional and international markets, the continuously changing consumer behaviour, market trends, and competition dynamics are our starting point. We support you in the challenging decision of selecting your strategic priority, markets in line with your company’s vision, while keeping focus on the return on investment for any intervention.

BIS has more than 20 worldwide account managers/ specialists to support creating linkages with buyers/ importers in the destination markets.

We Support MSMEs in designing a suitable Integrated /Accumulative Marketing models

Cooperatives and micro, and small enterprises generally lack the capacity to develop a clear and comprehensive vision and a strategy document guiding their decision-making process and day-to-day operations. Addition, their marketing skills are very limited. Marketing and sales need specialized approaches, which take into consideration the institution’s capacity to connect directly with regional and international markets and even in its own local market.

To close this Gap, we support small businesses and cooperatives in developing the needed capacity to continuously create and sustain market linkages.

Integrated/Accumulative marketing can take a wide array of different shapes and approaches, including linkages with exporters and clusters or even establishing a joint platform of marketing among MSMEs.

We support companies to evolve…

Within the context of today’s global marketplace, the export and marketing challenges are key issues when considering sustainable growth and future prosperity. Overcoming these challenges depends on the ability of companies to penetrate and expand in foreign markets as well as the   local market.

We support companies to set out their strategic approach towards achieving their objectives in regional and international markets. We further guide the process of formulating vision and selecting promising products. We build on the current and future demand for products and support companies in designing, developing, and implementing integrated export development programs based on a demand-driven approach and, most importantly, the dynamics of competition.

We work under the motto “Your competitors are watching you as you are watching them” in order to put together an ambitious and challenging agenda for the company to penetrate and grow in the local foreign markets. The local market is not an exception as it is a part of the global marketplace.

We support companies to:

  • Design and implement an integrated marketing mix
  • Set out the major export challenges
  • Identify their exporting needs and use them as a game changer
  • Establish a vision: Critical decisions should be made when it comes to your future as it is not only a statement that you hang on a wall
  • Identify the priority export products as well as market opportunities through a robust methodology
  • Identify strategic markets and market attractiveness
  • Figure out the major marketing challenges
  • Identify potential buyers in selected strategic markets
  • Build sustainable linkages with international buyers
  • Develop an entrepreneurial structure for an entrepreneurial service delivery model
  • Develop their human resources capacity
  • Access the finances necessary for in the implementation of the strategy
  • Build your brand and communication strategy.