We support institutions to evolve

Within the context of today’s continuously changing demand in the global marketplace, the export and marketing challenges are key issues when considering sustainable economic growth and future prosperity. Overcoming these challenges depends on the ability of countries, and in specific their trade support organizations and enterprises, to penetrate and expand in foreign markets. The local market is not an exception as it is a part of the global marketplace.

Thus, we support institutions to set out their strategic approach towards achieving their strategic objectives in regional and international markets. We further guide the process of formulating the critical vision and deciding on promising sectors/promising products, role, and strategic objectives. We build on the current and future demand for services and support institutions in designing, developing, and implementing integrated development programs based on a demand-driven approach ,and most importantly, the dynamics of competition

We work under the MOTTO

“Your competitors are watching you as you are watching them” in order to set out an ambitious and challenging agenda for the institution’s contribution to growing the number of companies penetrating and expanding in foreign markets. Once again, the local market is not an exception as it is a part of the global marketplace.

Do you have a fundraising strategy and approach?

Fundraising starts with a clear strategy and actions. Connection with the national context is another key element in achieving success for any institution:. Your organization’s strategy vís-a-vís your national strategy.

Putting together a fundraising strategy with specific actions

We help you in developing your Strategy for a Continuously Changing Future

  • Setting out your vision: Critical decisions should be made when it comes to your future as your vision is not only a statement that you hang on a wall
  • Developing your mission and values to support your strategic goals
  • Aligning your organization’s strategy with the national development context and strategy for the upcoming period
  • Putting together your strategy’s aspirations and goals
  • Identifying your major challenges
  • Using your needs as a game changer
  • Identifying the priority products and sectors and market opportunities through a robust methodology
  • Designing demand – driven integrated development programs
  • Building sustainable linkages with international TSIs
  • Developing an entrepreneurial structure for an entrepreneurial service delivery model
  • Moving towards a results- based monitoring and evaluation process by developing a Performance Measurement Framework and establishing a comprehensive reporting process
  • Providing support in the development of your  human resources capacity
  • Providing support in accessing the financing needed for the implementation of the strategy