Developing a Strategy for a Continuously Changing Future:

  • Set out your vision: Critical decisions should be made when it comes to your future as your vision is not only a statement that you hang on a wall
  • Develop your mission and values as part of your future and your strategic goals
  • Put together the strategy’s aspirations and goals
  • Set out the major challenges
  • Use the needs of businesses as a game changer
  • Apply a robust methodology to identify the priority products/priority sectors and market opportunities
  • Design a demand driven integrated development programs
  • Build sustainable linkages with international TSIs
  • Develop an entrepreneurial structure for an entrepreneurial service delivery model
  • Develop a Performance Measurement Framework put a reporting process in place, and move towards a results-based measurement process
  • Provide support in developing the human resources capacity
  • Provide support in accessing finance in the implementation of the strategy


Do you have a fundraising strategy and approach:

Fundraising starts with a clear strategy and actions. Connection with the national context is another key element in achieving success for any institution:. Your organization’s strategy vís-a-vís your national strategy.